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The study of botany is important as it gives us an insight into the plant structure, functions and reproduction. It also provides us information about the variability existing in this world. Plants help us to grow and maintain the green cover the earth’s surface, which in turn is the prime need of the global environment today. It contributes a lot in improving the exiting food crops in order to meet the food requirements of the ever swelling population of the world.


The Aim of the subject is to thoroughly educate the students about:- ---the life-forms which are indispensable for survival as plants are the producers of the Universe. ---the proper management, utilization and conservation of the natural resources. ---saving the environment from degradation.

Department of Botany performs various activities for its improvement in both academic as well as extra curricular affairs like:-

1. Department organizes guest lectures for the academics improvement of students.
2. Faculty members of the Department intend to attend conferences of International and National level.
3. Departmental Faculty members are actively working as members of societies of National and International repute.
4. Students are engaged in preparing projects on various aspects of botany.
5. Students are encouraged to deliver seminars usually at the end of the session as a preparation for their future challenges.
6. Department maintains a botanical garden where staff members regularly monitor various experiments, introduction of new species including medicinal plants.
7. In order to familiarize students and to give them an insight into the indigenous flora growing in adjoining area, Botanical Trips are organized every year.
8. Members of the Department are engaged in research activities where they intend to publish papers in various journals of national and international repute.
9. In order to provide up to date knowledge to the students department maintains a Departmental library where books are also being donated by staff members.
10. Faculty members of the Department also participate in various competitions of the societies for young scientist award and poster presentations.

Faculty Members

1. Prof. Kulvinder Kour Associate Prof.
2. Prof. Seema Kotwal Associate Prof.
3. Prof. Shallu Sambyal Associate Prof.
4. Dr. Bachan Lal Assistant Prof.
5. Prof. Anita Gupta Assistant Prof.
6. Dr. Anju Koul Assistant Prof.
7. Prof. Shayat Kumar Assistant Prof.
8. Prof. Sania Hamid Assistant Prof.
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